Friday, October 8, 2010

Arrospide Marina Bay. So near. So close to Heaven and to Earth.

Arrospide Marina Bay:

Wildlife Refuge on the coast of Uruguay.
Ecological forest and animal reserves.

Uruguayan coast does not provide any shelter for crews in the long stretch that goes from Santa Lucia (Montevideo), Puerto Sauce (Juan Lacaze, Colonia). However we find a strategically located: Arrospide.
Indeed, located in an area known as "Rincon de Cufré" only 3 km from the resort beach before "Bocas del Cufré", border between the departments of Colonia and San Jose, 174 hectares with indescriptable natural beauty and more than 2 km of large white sand beaches crowned by lush pine forests.

National and international call for investors for this OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEURSHIP on the Uruguayan coast of Río de la Plata.

64 miles away from BUENOS AIRES and 80 miles from MONTEVIDEO.

Arrospide Marina Bay is a deep basin that has existed for decades and now is projected as a major access channel, 40 m wide and more than 5 m deep that communicates with more than 20 hectares that complement the same Marina.

Within the 174 hectares and adjoining the western boundary of the enterprise, 10 blocks are split with 69 lots of an average of 1,000 m2 each, at a distance of 10 to 100 m from the beach. This division, which was approved by the Municipality of San Jose, is ready to be a spa ("Rincon de Cufré) or other private country, related or unrelated to the development of the Marina. Has access (easement) exclusive ( 40 m avenue ) and well defined and within the division (24 hectares in total).

Value: exclusive navigation channel (this is invaluable since there is no other like it in all the Uruguayan coast of Rio de la Plata and only to 64 nautical miles of Buenos Aires).

In the future: water surface of 15 hectares, the value here is to sell the sand---- minimum of 1.5 million m3 to be today with a grant existing quarry, which is extracted and mainly sold to the Argentine market . It is an important first start with a return from the same stage of investment in this venture.

Possibility to contract Dogalmar SA for the maintenance of the channel, using the local dredge, that is used to get the sand and also the equipments which will generate - dredging the water mirror --- 15 to 20 hectares.