Friday, February 19, 2010

Forestal Plantation Investment Proposal in Virasoro, prov. of Corrientes, Argentina

This report aims to present an investment proposal of 1775 hectares in the Northeast area of the province of Corrientes, to establish plantations ofrapid forest growth, with intensive management, making pruning, commercial thinning ,
direct and indirect annual maintenance and an initial investment of two
million five hundred thousand dollars (U $ S 2,500,000), considered the acquisition of land, establishment of plantations at a rate of 300 hectares per year, cost structure, administration and management of the operator.
The total area of 1,500 hectares is forest, which is estimated at 84.5% of value of the land surface suitable for afforestation. The study has a technical analysis economical for Pinus taeda, Pinus hybrid (Pinus elliottii var elliottii x Pinus caribaea var hondurensis) and Eucalyptus grandis. For the technical evaluation has been done posing of management considering a site index for Pinus taeda, Eucalyptus grandis hybrid and 24, 22 and 40 respectively. For Eucalyptus grandis, considered three pruning and three thinning and two pruning Pinus and two thinnings.
The turn from consideration for the species is 16 years, with a period of 20-year project.
It is case study analyzes the plantings considering the tax benefits and subsidies that are currently in effect, granted by the State to through the Investment Law for Planted Forests 25,080.
For economic analysis, we used the Liquid Present Value (LPV=VPL) and Potential Soil Value (PSV=VPS) and the Profitability is expressed through Internal Rate of Return (IRR). It was considered a  Minimum Attractiveness Rate (MAR=TMA) of 10% pa. The values of the economic analysis show a VPL of U $ S / ha and 726.03 VPS is U $ S / ha 2143.96. The Profitability expressed through the IRR is 11.15%. All monetary values are expressed in U.S. Dollars

Christian Rauert
Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership
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Buenos Aires  -  Argentina
Montevideo - Uruguay

2 apartments to be released, 5 minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires

Apartments of 3 environments. Apartment 6D of 82 m2. Flat 7D of 78 m2. Silent. Well insulated.
Fully equipped kitchen: microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, kettle last generation, electric stove, oven, wine cellar.
Extremely bright. Living - dining room, two bedrooms, one en suite, 2 bathrooms. Daikin air conditioning with individual temperature control for each environment.
With deck and pool on the top floor. From here excellent view to the City.
With fixed telephony, broadband Internet.
Excellent security. Garage to be agreed at the time of purchase.
Financing possible.

For photos and more information contact,

Christian Rauert
Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership
website under construction
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Montevideo - Uruguay

ANTUMALAL. Paradise at the San Pedro Peninsula in Bariloche, Argentina

7.68 hectars with view to the Huemul Peninsula, Victoria Island on the Nahuel Huapi Lake.
1600 km away from Buenos Aires ( 2 hours´ flight)
35 km from Bariloche International Airport
20 km from Cerro Catedral, one of the best ski resorts in Argentina

House: has a living room, a master suite, four bedrooms, a second living room with dining room, kitchen, servant quarters.

Stone tower with two suites, living room, sauna, view to the wharf and to the Victoria Island

Natural cavern with constant temperature and humidity optimal for wine storage,

Forest with typical flora of Patagonia, including arrayanes, pines, sequoias, ñires, cypresses and maltenes.

For more information and pictures, please contact

Christian Rauert
Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Montevideo - Uruguay

My name is Christian Rauert from Argentina.

Some people, who are receiving this mail, know me personally, but did not know about my new entrepeneurship, together with other people, who are already in the real estate business in Argentina and Uruguay.

This new part of our lives is called Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership.

I am the founder of the Inmobilia Uruguay Group in Linked In. That is why I am contacting You.

I am pleased to invite You to be part of this group, because Your acceptance will give a dynamism, seriousness, respect and proffesionalism this group deserves.

By the way, I am taking this chance to offer You, Your company and Your clients excellent real estate opportunities in top of the pop places for vacationing like Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio, Laguna Garzon and Colonia.

Montevideo, Uruguay´s most important city, is the capital of Mercosur too.
The Mercado Common del Sur (Mercosur) is the trading bloc made up of the four founding countries in 1991: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Since 2008, Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia are associate members. Besides, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia have expressed their desire to join the group but are to a certain extent, limited by their own Andean Nations Community. Mexico has also expressed an interest.
After such news, You, Your company and Your customers will be able to offer products and services to these nations, that reach 400 million inhabitants from this excellent place, with outstanding people, logistics, transport, culture, gastronomy and eager for success.

We are offering chacras ( = small farms, with no more than 20 hectars) , farms, industrial lands, houses, apartments, offices, hotel developments wherever You need them.

Important projects, such as, wineries, vineyards, olive plantations, agricultural land, stockbreeding places and farms are offered in both countries.

In Argentina already offering exceptional vacationing places in Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes.
Top of the pop apartments in Buenos Aires, ready to " buy and rent", with the highest quality construction for demanding customers.

As You can see....there is a lot to be done down here. And with the personal, financial and legal security these times and You

If You happen to be an intermediary, we have important news for You.
That means that we will hace to meet and talk about concerning subjects.
A good chance for all of us to earn some money and make life nicer.

Thank You for Your attention and Your precious time.

Christian Rauert
Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership
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Important vineyard and winery to be sold in Uruguay !!!!!

400 hectars in Carmelo, near the Uruguay River, on the west side of the country.
280 hectars with various grapes plantations with average age of 12 years.
Renewed export license to Brazil,  US and United Arab Emirates.
It includes vineyard + winery + headquarters offices in Montevideo.
Working capacity of 9 million liters, today it is working 50 % of this value.
Joint venture possibility.
Can be bought all together or both entreprises separately.
The society is sold too.
Complete information avaiable :
- Balances of the last three years.
- Sells of the last three years, according to customers, to grape varieties
- Maps and geo location.
- The most complete technical and productive information
Contact us at inmobilia.uruguay@gmail.
Cell Nr: +54-911-5591-6507