A hotel is planned and conditioning a building to house people temporarily and allows visitors to go. The hotels provide guests with additional services such as restaurants, swimming pools and kindergartens. Some hotels have conference services and encourage groups to organize conventions and meetings at their establishment.
Hotels are usually categorized according to level of comfort, positioning, level of services they offer. In each country may find the following categories:

* Stars (1 to 5)
* Lyrics (from E to A)
* Classes (from fourth to first)
* Diamonds and World Tourism ".
These rankings are only national, comfort and service level may vary from one country to another category and are based on objective criteria: spaciousness of rooms, bathroom, television, pools, etc..
At company level, the hotel would turn it into a traditional business, is often used the term "hospitality industry" to define the collective, its management is based on production cost control and proper organization of resources (rooms ) available, as well as proper management of fees, often based on seasonal changes (high, medium and low) and in negotiating for the accommodation of groups of people as opposed to individual housing.
In recent years, are showing new ways of managing hotels based on known techniques in other fields such as condominium or time-sharing, but it is still a widespread system.
We should add that in many countries is considered hotels to spas, hotels, resort and hotel called the hospital and are covered by the previous classifications of quality, comfort and services.