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Be Your own King in France. This very private Renaissance Castle in Loire Valley is just for You. .

Classified Historical Monument

Château Bussiere is an exceptional property in Touraine, tucked away in a hidden valley off the beaten track.
Its name comes from the “Marquis de Bussière a sabre) which later became Maussabré.
The castle was first mentioned in 1234, probable date of its construction, in the archives of the city of Tours. Refurbished during the Renaissance, its decorative elements reveal the magnificence of the period, as shown, for instance, in the exceptional bands containing the medallions.
The slate roof is in perfect condition and has been regularly checked and repaired in true traditional manner. It also contains handsome architectural elements, typical of the Renaissance. The castle still has many traces of the 13th century.

One can imagine the battles against the Sarrasins in the two defence towers, the machiolations and the rampart walks, with encorbelled brattices and murder holes.
The property consists of thirty hectares (roughly 70 acres) of cleared woods and fields all around the buildings.

The Château is situated in the southern part of the Touraine area, 250 kms from Paris via the A10 motorway. The closest station is Tours St Pierre des Corps which is one hour away from Paris on the express TGV train, and 55mins from Roissy airport. It is one hour away from both Poitiers and Tours Nord airports (with a direct Tours to London flight). The closest town is 5kms away and has an International school.

The main building has two round towers on either side, originating from the 15th century. Galleries run from one to the other on two floors and with three arches; there is a magnificent spiral staircase dating from the 14th century leading past the murther holes from where the archers shot arrows with their crossbows.

In the East wing, the oldest one, there is now an office with a window which formerly used to be the entrance via a port cullis.

The ground floor has a superb gallery with seven arches on one side and on the other, a series of reception rooms. The floors are covered with ancient flagstones and the formal drawing room has a Versailles parquet floor with a “rose des vents” design. All the reception rooms have Renaissance fireplaces.

In the 19th century, the chapel in which the famous French author Alfred de Vigny was christened, was transformed into a white-stone main stairway which leads to the first floor, to the gallery that has a marble floor with various patterns “à l’italienne” and bedrooms on one side.

The four large bedrooms have kept their former characteristics, i.e. doors leading from one room to another without having to use the gallery.
The Royal suite, traditionally maintained in case the king paid a visit, is separate, in the West wing. On the eastern side of the gallery are two bedrooms and a large suite.
All the floors are covered with elaborate 18th century tiles. The ceilings have beams and some are magnificently painted.

The walls of the whole house are covered with beautiful materials from Braquenier or P.Frey or silks made specially in Lyons for the Ch‚teau.
Château Bussière dates from 12th and 13th centuries, transformed in the 16th and 17th centuries and tastefully refurbished and decorated by J.J.Debout (a well-known French singer of the 70’s).

Six main reception rooms, one of them with the Versailles parquet flooring: a dining room, a “Chinese” sitting room (with a guest toilet in a tower), a television room and an office.

A large kitchen (part of it in a tower), a large pantry, and a hunt (sitting) room with an exit. In this room, there is a trapdoor in the floor (hydraulically operated) ??? leading to the 12th century cellar and underground passages.
There are also stairs leading to a two-roomed apartment with a kitchenette, shower and toilet, for the staff.
In the basement, there is a boiler-room with two huge Wissman boilers, a linen-room, toilet and exit.
Water comes entirely from three wells connected to a source dating back to the Middle Ages.

On the first floor there are 5 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms and two shower-rooms, 5 toilets, and dressing-rooms.
The two bedrooms (one of them with a toilet in the tower) of the Master suite are separated by a bathroom and dressing- room.

West wing: 2 bedrooms with bathrooms and toilets.
One large suite with a bedroom, sitting-room, dressing-room, shower-room, toilet and kitchenette.
The bedrooms and some of the towers ave Renaissance fireplaces. The bathroom walls are tiled with hand made tiles. All the materials used for the bedrooms are of top quality.

The attic is in perfect condition, with the ancient frame and the towers, the machiolations,
walkways and even facilities of the period!

Outside, is a 19th century building used as a garage for two cars with a comfortable 45-metre apartment above. Stables containing two boxes are attached.
Behind is the pool-house with a toilet, swimming-pool machinery and a heated swimming-pool with palm-trees along a stone alley. Very dreamlike.

There is a large stone table under the mulberry trees where one can have meals listening to the fountain playing and drinking icy water straight from the source!
The park can be lit up at night; the huge entrance gate (surmounted with the crown of the “marquis”) is opened and closed by remote control.

In the second stables (150 square metres) there are four large boxes, a hot-water shower for the horses, a solarium, old-style tack-room and grooming quarters.
The tennis-court has temporarily been converted into a 40 x 20 metre outdoor riding school.

An 18th century farm, visible from the drawing-room windows has been restored on the outside only and has a 200 square-metre surface.

At the bottom of the fields is a small lake fed by a source (discovered in the Middle Ages).

  • 1000 square-metre
  • 20 entirely furnished rooms (or not)
  • giving onto two long galleries
  • Cellar
  • Linen-room and boiler room in the basement
  • Total habitable surface: about 800 square metres
Of which :
  • 7 bedrooms with bathrooms
  • more 1 suite with bathroom
  • Game/hunt room
  • Pantry
  • Kitchen containing its old stove
  • Dining-room
  • Main drawing-room
  • Red (or Chinese) sitting room
  • Television or cinema room
  • Office
  • 2 keepers’ flats
  • 2 sets of stables
  • 1 large 2-car garage
  • 1 heated swimming-pool with a pool-house
  • 1 18th century 200 square-metre farmhouse
The entire property is in perfection condition. It is a main residence,constantly maintained at top level standards.
One can move into this Ch‚teau with no more than one’s personal effects, which is extremely rare.

NOTICE : All the information is ready to be sent to potential customers.

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Arequina Luxury Polo State. San Antonio de Areco. Argentina

Arequina is the unique blend of  private ranches, exclusive polo club, Boutique Hotel and nature surrounded
by the peaceful Pampas. Nested in Argentina, home of  the best world class polo players and ponies, Arequina
offers the singular opportunity to become one of  the selected owners of  this perfect combination.

Supreme Polo Destination

Not only in South America but worldwide, Argentina is the leading nation of  this glorious gentleman’s sport. Argentina is well defined as the “Polo Mecca”. Homeland of  superb polo players and ponies in the entire world.

With its colonial architecture and supreme tradition, San Antonio de Areco is situated an hour away from downtown Buenos Aires. Magnificent countryhouses and manors in a natural environment invite visitors to rest.

 At Arequina, the right climate with soft winters and gentle summers and the quality of  the soil allow playing polo at any time of  the year. The green fields with their perfect drain are the ideal surface for polo and
horse breading. Near the city, far away from rush and noise. Close to nature, surrounded by quiet and peace
with state-of  the-art facilities and services.

With style and glamour, Arequina’s more than 100 hectares compound the possibility of  owning a large private polo farm while being member and enjoying the benefits and elegance of  an exclusive premium polo
club and luxurious Boutique Hotel. Strategically located at one hour distance from Buenos Aires and in fertile and green prairies, Arequina renders a luxure country atmosphere.

The main road that leads to the private lots will environ a beautiful pond with small bridges and lovely vegetation inviting to join the six polo ranches of  10 hectares (25 acres) each and another one of  5 hectares (13 acres).

The lots have their own private polo field, underground utility services and are designed to protect privacy and quietness. Owners may build their house from their own original plans, or choose from a selection of  house plans specifically designed by Arequina’s developers.

Surrounded by the Pampas with its green and wide meadows and endless skies and fields, San Antonio de Areco is famous for its tradition and gauchos, fine silverware, colonial architecture and excellent soil for agriculture.

It is called the “national capital of  tradition” and the “Argentine Kentucky” for the amount of  top Thoroughbred farms and World Champion horses.
There are many things to do at Areco. Promenades through the “plaza”, visits to the main church, museums or
enjoy traditional cuisine at restaurants and bars, where villagers and gauchos meet are typical activities at Areco.

Arequina....the perfect match for those who love horses, solitude, and exclusive first class services.

All the project, drawings, plans, prices are available online for potential investors.