Friday, May 11, 2012

Business and Ethics in South America

Hi all! We dedicate this block to report the latest news before it stops running and informing.
- As of November 2012 we will have a professional website, dynamic, interactive, in English and Spanish to enter a new phase of our company and renewed commitment to our customers and always new ones that are already in the area.
- We have signed new agreements for representation and contacts with colleagues in the activity, allowing us to have a greater variety of options in our area, in neighboring countries and beyond.
- In our property portfolio we have today with fields, farms, lots, houses, apartments in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, as well in India, Spain, Germany and Italy, giving more choice to our clients, without even leaving their continent.
- For those who want to invest in something different with or without rent, offer garages, farms, hotels, wellhead projects, private projects and public national and international energetic character, mining, transport, in Uruguay, Brazil and Spain.
- We set up trusts for agricultural business and / or livestock with an excellent rate of return for those who lend money and want money back.
Contact us. Together we can make good business and show that South America has the potential human, professional, legal capacity to help countries and the whole world to be a better place for living and fullfilling people´s dreams.