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Production facility in Las Casuarinas, San Juan province, just one hour away from Buenos Aires, by plane.

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A field of 3400 acres (1700 currently under irrigation) where  olives, grapes, seeds (maize,soybean , sunflower, onion, garlic, etc), fruit (squash, melon, watermelon, etc) or vegetables (asparragus ,squash, tomato, carrot, etc) with high and consistent quality, economically and safely, are produced.

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There are several reasons to choose this place in Argentina:
 Lower rainfall in the southern hemisphere
 Free from hail drop
Almost frost free
Practically virgin fields
 Isolated seed production
 High quality, aboundantly avariable subterrain water for irrigation
 Opposite season cycle production (southern hemisphere)
 High volume – Low cost production per acre.

BELMONT HOUSE HOTEL - Carrasco, Montevideo - Uruguay

Opened in 1995, Hotel Belmont House was
designed to provide a different alternative to
large five-star hotels for business travel or
pleasure. Located in Carrasco,the most elegant and
residential suburb in the city, has a level of comfort and
similar or higher luxury of big hotels. The
Belmont House is a different proposition in the
framework of a small and cozy, being a
boutique hotel in Montevideo unique in style.
Since its inception, the hotel has been the chosen destination
by a large number of individuals worldwide.
After host President Jacques Chirac in 1997,
joined the prestigious hotel chain Relais & Chateaux,
getting the blue lily category and may request
the lily gold at any time. In 2002, the
decided to leave the hotel chain to crises
economic of the region, despite which today remains
receive numerous invitations to return to mainstream
the above and famous Relais & Chateaux.
The hotel has a Victorian English style, with a
construction of two plants arranged in a harmonious
around the garden and swimming pool on a
3,600 m2 land. It has an internal decoration
great taste and artistic value, with furniture purchased in
major dealers in New York and auction houses
of great renown.
28 rooms, including four spacious and airy suites, equipped with a unique style and comfort.
The Allegro Restaurant, an integral part of the hotel, is
one of the best restaurants in town. With a
warm and welcoming atmosphere, offers a varied and
international and wines of exceptional quality.
The Belmont Club and other rooms of the hotel can offer
various types of events such as weddings,
product launches, business lunches,
birthdays, etc..

Tunquelén Hotel - Isla Victoria Inn - Huaiquil Restaurant in Bariloche, Argentina

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The hotel sits on a lot of almost 6has.• The lot is located on one side Bustillo Avenue, which connects the city of San Carlos with the Villa Llao Llao, and on the opposite side on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi.• Has more than 5,600 m2.• These facilities have been remodeled in 2004 and together with its furniture is constantly updated.
Since remodeling of 2004 the commercial and operational strategy was geared to increasing occupancy at par with the rates re-positioning.Today is working with an annual average occupancy of 45% which is growing annually and which is estimated could reach 65%.The annual average rate per room double occupancy is now at USD 165, estimating to reach USD 200 in the next year.


Features:The property is tucked away down one of the most privileged spots in the area. The surroundings are stunning and the views that are achieved at 360 ° are unique.The orientation and the same relief protects you from the constant winds from Chile.Single fraction of 17 hectares (in size) with a coastline of Lake Nahuel Huapi, NE oriented, age-old forest of cypresses and large coihues, excellent access to the gravel roads but in very good condition, all services go through the front of fraction.Incredible views of the lake, forests and mountains (Cerro Lopez, Belfry and Cathedral). 400 meters from shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi.
Market:According to market studies, the best option is the Country Club. Commercially Hotel or Cabin, but the campus is very big for only one of these developments.
Private Attractive:The competitive advantage with similar products is the fact of being the largest slope of the fraction compared to the mountains and foothills overlooking the Nahuel and on the side of the lake. The forest is impressive as wild and natural. It has all the species in the area.

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