Saturday, February 21, 2015


We have needed a long time to develop a net related to our business in real estate. Not only selling, not only managing this business but just getting in the construction science and matter to make a better world. A more efficient one. Using technlogy according to actual times not only using the latest technology to handle different types of energy, using renewable ones, we are dedicated to water treatment and air, with innovative systems that recover energy even during changes. Using Our technologies, we enable double usage - revaluation of Energy. It does not matter if we get diesel processing a lot of old tires, that if we produce heating or cooling for large buildings or sports facilities from channel sewage and other drains.
The important thing is to work AS POSSIBLE, following the principle of "Recovery-Conservation of Energy" Not only DEVELOP and REPRESENT technologies and processes that are consistent with our ethical-ecological values and profitability, we also advise on effective and efficient management of energy. With the State Sector in many parts of the world, we have established bonds of trust and professionalism that all our know-how and our team offers. We offer the necessary technical assistance for large industry with type machinery like forklifts, feathers, cranes of excellent quality. We will be your best partner in this area !!
Our team is constantly growing. New customers, new partners, products and technologies ... Adaptability and flexibility to every economic situation IS OUR SLOGAN ... Research and Development for the satisfaction of our customers and maintain our market presence. Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership and Rauert-Zurek Think Green in America are working together to make Planet Earth a better and more ecological place to live. You will find us in LinkedIn, Facebook and other social nets. JUST CLICK the Zurek-ad on the right side of this blog to know more about this new faith in living, just taking care of our planet.