Saturday, February 25, 2012

Excellent cattle ranch in one of the best cattle areas in Brazil.

- 10500 ha in the southern Amazonian region, between the states of Tocantins and Pará.
- Easy access from the farm to both states by ferry and state roads.
- Rich and strong soil for grass plantation with extensive rain forest areas.

- Telephone, electricity and abundant water supply.
- 250 km of 1st class trpical wood fences, 85 km of roads.
- 117 pastures for cattle breeding.
- Capacity of 10.000 to 12.000 animals.

- Sold with everything on it: cattle, machinery, personnel, buildings, working installations and devices.
- Full titles and licenses from Incra and Ambiental Ministry.

- 12 state of the art corrals.
- Varios barns and cottages.
- Tank for fuel and other liquids
- Repair shop with mechanical infraestructure, included welding.

A lot more information, plans, titles, licenses for interested customers.

Cattle estancia for people, who want to win in contact with nature.

Excellent cattle field between Salto and Paysandu, in western Uruguay. 1050 hectars of mild hills and mountains crossed by rivers and streams.

Three separate fractions over the Tala river  and Dayman river . Farmhouse with house, barn, electricity, telephone and DirecTV.

Fences in excellent condition. Working facilities well maintained.

For those people with a passion for nature, breeding and fattening cattle.

Contact for more technical, financial and productive information. Plans and pictures available online.