Saturday, February 25, 2012

Excellent cattle ranch in one of the best cattle areas in Brazil.

- 10500 ha in the southern Amazonian region, between the states of Tocantins and Pará.
- Easy access from the farm to both states by ferry and state roads.
- Rich and strong soil for grass plantation with extensive rain forest areas.

- Telephone, electricity and abundant water supply.
- 250 km of 1st class trpical wood fences, 85 km of roads.
- 117 pastures for cattle breeding.
- Capacity of 10.000 to 12.000 animals.

- Sold with everything on it: cattle, machinery, personnel, buildings, working installations and devices.
- Full titles and licenses from Incra and Ambiental Ministry.

- 12 state of the art corrals.
- Varios barns and cottages.
- Tank for fuel and other liquids
- Repair shop with mechanical infraestructure, included welding.

A lot more information, plans, titles, licenses for interested customers.


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