Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Production facility in Las Casuarinas, San Juan province, just one hour away from Buenos Aires, by plane.

Diapositiva 3
A field of 3400 acres (1700 currently under irrigation) where  olives, grapes, seeds (maize,soybean , sunflower, onion, garlic, etc), fruit (squash, melon, watermelon, etc) or vegetables (asparragus ,squash, tomato, carrot, etc) with high and consistent quality, economically and safely, are produced.

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There are several reasons to choose this place in Argentina:
 Lower rainfall in the southern hemisphere
 Free from hail drop
Almost frost free
Practically virgin fields
 Isolated seed production
 High quality, aboundantly avariable subterrain water for irrigation
 Opposite season cycle production (southern hemisphere)
 High volume – Low cost production per acre.

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