Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arequina Luxury Polo State. San Antonio de Areco. Argentina

Arequina is the unique blend of  private ranches, exclusive polo club, Boutique Hotel and nature surrounded
by the peaceful Pampas. Nested in Argentina, home of  the best world class polo players and ponies, Arequina
offers the singular opportunity to become one of  the selected owners of  this perfect combination.

Supreme Polo Destination

Not only in South America but worldwide, Argentina is the leading nation of  this glorious gentleman’s sport. Argentina is well defined as the “Polo Mecca”. Homeland of  superb polo players and ponies in the entire world.

With its colonial architecture and supreme tradition, San Antonio de Areco is situated an hour away from downtown Buenos Aires. Magnificent countryhouses and manors in a natural environment invite visitors to rest.

 At Arequina, the right climate with soft winters and gentle summers and the quality of  the soil allow playing polo at any time of  the year. The green fields with their perfect drain are the ideal surface for polo and
horse breading. Near the city, far away from rush and noise. Close to nature, surrounded by quiet and peace
with state-of  the-art facilities and services.

With style and glamour, Arequina’s more than 100 hectares compound the possibility of  owning a large private polo farm while being member and enjoying the benefits and elegance of  an exclusive premium polo
club and luxurious Boutique Hotel. Strategically located at one hour distance from Buenos Aires and in fertile and green prairies, Arequina renders a luxure country atmosphere.

The main road that leads to the private lots will environ a beautiful pond with small bridges and lovely vegetation inviting to join the six polo ranches of  10 hectares (25 acres) each and another one of  5 hectares (13 acres).

The lots have their own private polo field, underground utility services and are designed to protect privacy and quietness. Owners may build their house from their own original plans, or choose from a selection of  house plans specifically designed by Arequina’s developers.

Surrounded by the Pampas with its green and wide meadows and endless skies and fields, San Antonio de Areco is famous for its tradition and gauchos, fine silverware, colonial architecture and excellent soil for agriculture.

It is called the “national capital of  tradition” and the “Argentine Kentucky” for the amount of  top Thoroughbred farms and World Champion horses.
There are many things to do at Areco. Promenades through the “plaza”, visits to the main church, museums or
enjoy traditional cuisine at restaurants and bars, where villagers and gauchos meet are typical activities at Areco.

Arequina....the perfect match for those who love horses, solitude, and exclusive first class services.

All the project, drawings, plans, prices are available online for potential investors.

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