Friday, February 19, 2010


My name is Christian Rauert from Argentina.

Some people, who are receiving this mail, know me personally, but did not know about my new entrepeneurship, together with other people, who are already in the real estate business in Argentina and Uruguay.

This new part of our lives is called Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership.

I am the founder of the Inmobilia Uruguay Group in Linked In. That is why I am contacting You.

I am pleased to invite You to be part of this group, because Your acceptance will give a dynamism, seriousness, respect and proffesionalism this group deserves.

By the way, I am taking this chance to offer You, Your company and Your clients excellent real estate opportunities in top of the pop places for vacationing like Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio, Laguna Garzon and Colonia.

Montevideo, Uruguay´s most important city, is the capital of Mercosur too.
The Mercado Common del Sur (Mercosur) is the trading bloc made up of the four founding countries in 1991: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Since 2008, Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia are associate members. Besides, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia have expressed their desire to join the group but are to a certain extent, limited by their own Andean Nations Community. Mexico has also expressed an interest.
After such news, You, Your company and Your customers will be able to offer products and services to these nations, that reach 400 million inhabitants from this excellent place, with outstanding people, logistics, transport, culture, gastronomy and eager for success.

We are offering chacras ( = small farms, with no more than 20 hectars) , farms, industrial lands, houses, apartments, offices, hotel developments wherever You need them.

Important projects, such as, wineries, vineyards, olive plantations, agricultural land, stockbreeding places and farms are offered in both countries.

In Argentina already offering exceptional vacationing places in Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes.
Top of the pop apartments in Buenos Aires, ready to " buy and rent", with the highest quality construction for demanding customers.

As You can see....there is a lot to be done down here. And with the personal, financial and legal security these times and You

If You happen to be an intermediary, we have important news for You.
That means that we will hace to meet and talk about concerning subjects.
A good chance for all of us to earn some money and make life nicer.

Thank You for Your attention and Your precious time.

Christian Rauert
Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership
website under construction


  1. Could anyone explain to me what the attraction of Montevideo is? I mean from a TOURISTS' point of view.
    Surely - they have a few old buildings, including the Salvo Palace. But is there anything worth staying in Montevideo longer than 1 night/2 days?

  2. As regards temporary rent in Argentina, you should know some things. First of all, you need to know what the best neighborhoods are to stay in since some of them are pretty dangerous. I would say, do not stay in Villa Lugano, and do stay in Palermo. Another thing has to do with the kind of attention you receive. The service you hire should listen to your needs, and then decide what is best for you. Once you have those basic points covered, the rest will be easy. That is my suggestion as last year I an apartment in buenos aires and it worked for me.
    Good luck!