Monday, May 3, 2010

305 has of beautiful land at the San Salvador river in Dolores, Uruguay

An outstanding area of land located in the Soriano Department, Uruguay.
Route 21, 6 km gravel road. 

Nearest Town: Dolores 10 km. Nueva Palmira 15 km. Colonia 100 km.
Main house : 4 bedrooms, living room, fireplace, kitchen and bathroom. State : in good conditions

It has a park, to be enjoyed at every moment.   
Workers´homes: in habitable conditions too....
Number of sheds : two made of concrete and zinc, in good conditions and usable at this moment.
Facilities for the job: Mangas, schackles, bath pools for bovine and ovine herds, scale, 2 windmills, electric three-phase light.

Divisions: four
No. of pastures: 7
External fences: 7 threads in excellent conditions

Internal fences : 6 or 7 threads in very good conditions too.
State Divisions: Good.
Farm aptitude : mixed, good for agriculture and outstanding for cattle breeding and fattening.

Natural water : San Salvador river.Two Australian tanks
160 hectars of natural forests´protection. Protection of forests created .

Earth percentage that can be flooded 0 %.

Interesting financing. Up to three years.

Pictures, maps, documentation available now.

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