Monday, September 13, 2010

1100 hectars in Coronel Pringles, Argentina. Incredible place to feel the nature.

Outrageous farm, 500 kms away from Buenos Aires, direction South, 30 km away from Coronel Pringles, a 30000 habitants city known for its quality ovine and bovine herds in Argentina.
Agriculture and cattle breeding and fattening are the main activities. Over 20 years using direct seeding, taking care of soil and water in a region, where rational farming and ranching is a must.

Agriculture ; sunflower, wheat , oats are the predominant crops in the zone.
All the perimetral wires are in perfect conditions.
Pens and barnyard are well maintained, ready to use with bovine cattle.
The "estancia" has three houses in good conditions, ready to live in.

The Limited Company, that owns this wonderful farm, is being sold too. Free of debts, countable and in tax matters completely up to date.
Ready to buy, ready to use !!!!!

Geographical plans, pictures, tax and accounting information available for potential customers.
Financing and/or paying with real estate properties possible.

For further information, feel free to contact us.


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