Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eco Hotel Spa. An "architectural jewel " in middle of the Colombian History and Culture

At the center of the coffee region of Colombia in Pereira, Risaralda, on the "Coffee Highway", Close to Panaca Park (National Park of agricultural Culture) , the National Park of Coffee Culture and the airport, For sale Excellent architectural jewel . 6 (six) Duplex Departments - Capacity: 50 places. Finca - Hotel - Spa Land area: 17,052 m ².

This beautiful property can be cataloged as a true "architectural jewel", is truly a unique piece of art. Its owner has spent 17 years of his life to the construction, with all the effort that this implies, not only in time, not only in money but dedication.
Built in wooded area with rustic architectural style, using materials of the region, bricks handmade by artisans and wood from our forests, like the homes in the area.

Therefore the work breathes infinite patience, love and spiritual peace. Likewise are the details in each and every millimeter of the house, as well as quality materials, art, decorative, architectural and structurally. We are sure that we will find the right profile of the investor who will assess objectively all this greatness.

This property is suitable for any of these exclusive destinations:

* As an Ecological Boutique Hotel
* As a pre-or post-operative clinic and / or a clinic of the nervous system,
* As a convention center Business, events wedding, 15 years, and so on.
* As a Gourmet Restaurant,
* As a SPA for beauty treatments, rejuvenation, yoga, massage therapies, and so on.

Or a combination of any or all of the above. All this within an environment of native forests,as you can be seen in the photographs, beside the River Barbas which delineate the departments of Risaralda and Quindio; perfectly conjugated.

It is equally important to take into account the broad area of 17,052 m2 which has endless ideas to develop.


 10 (ten) Parking spaces .
* Lobby / Reception. With Bathrooms general for Ladies / Gentlemen.
* Hall-dining room,
* Bar with fireplace and BBQ of 7x8 sq mt. 
 4 (four) Duplex apartments. for 7
persons each one. Area size: 48.16 M2.
Main Hall, Master Bedroom, Bathroom, Fireplace.
 2 (two) Duplex apartments for 11
(eleven) persons each one. Area size: 71.02 M2 with living room
master bedroom, one extra bedroom, 2 Fireplaces, 2 baths, Kitchenette. 
 * Snack Bar - Kitchen for 8 (eight) Persons
* Independent House of 81 square meters with 2 rooms, kitchen and laundry room, and bathroom.
* Internal Road
* Lake
* Fenced,
* Electric Transformer of 37.5 KVA.
* exterior Lighting
* Gardens
* Terraces
* Close to public transport 
 Cover Heated pool and with hidrojets .
* Area Fitness Center.
* Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath.
* Gas Grid.
* Aljibe.
* Exterior bonfire place 
 Enclosed in a tourist hotel area with hot springs, Theme parks: (Park of the Coffee-and Panaca - National Park Agricultural culture-) and other ecological parks.  The property borders the watershed of the Barbas , Otún and Consota rivers. Within a region of protected Areas of ecological importance and Archaeological treasures. 
 The area offers to visitors tranquility and thepeaceful of its forest.
Shelter of native species such as butterflies, birds and extraordinary richness of fauna and flora.
 Located in a region offering high-quality medical services with prices comparatively low with respect to those reported in other countries.

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