Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Costa Colonia Boutique Hotel. Another place near Paradise...

In the most exclusive place in Colonia del Sacramento, with the audience preference for the best sunset and before one of the most beautiful beaches of this historic city, comes this spectacular Condo Hotel with upscale housing.A real estate investment at the forefront, with a premium quality architectural design and excellent services, which incorporate the hotel business, combining the chance to enjoy while generating profits.

Hotel Complex located minutes from the historic city, declared a heritage site by UNESCO, near the marina and with privileged access to spa services Unique Colony Park.

Costa Colonia, Condo Hotel with a unique lifestyle that allows ownership of a resort, with lodging high-end condos and registered title to his name.
Premium enterprise located in an area of ​​exceptional guidance with controlled access and distribution scheme in which each unit is designed to integrate the landscape into their environments, combining security and privacy with the best views of the Rio de la Plata and its spectacular sunsets.
Departments by category 

Standars Suites
 Executive Suites 
Premium Suites 
Spectacular views of the best beaches 
Direct access to the pedestrian promenade 
Large outdoor pool overlooking the river 
Dry sauna clothing
 Relaxation room with wardrobe 
Rest in bar overlooking the river out 
Air conditioning in all unitsWi Fi in units and common areas 
Equipped GymAnd 24 hour reception
Central hot water 

 Parking space
 Maid service

Additional information

How Does a Condo Hotel?
 The owner participates according to the surface and the value of the unit, it generates a coefficient determined.
 The monthly income earned will be distributed proportionally according to this coefficient, between the apartments attached to the system of Condo Hotel.Owners who decide to use their own residential unit to use and is not involved in the hotel business, must pay for common expenses and will not receive any money for the utility produced.
ProfitabilityThe quarterly will conduct a balance from the earnings. 

70% is distributed among the owners according to each coefficient 
30% corresponds to the administration


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