Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three lots in San Luis province, Argentina. A different option to feel free !


Potrero de los Funes (San Luis, Argentina).
· 235 meters away of the Formula One international racing circuit .

° 30 minutes away from the city of San Luis, capital of the province.


• Three contiguous lots with lakefront view in ecological protected area.
° 100 meters away a hill that is 150 meters high, ideal for climbing.
· 1,500 square meters each field. 

· Electrification,  spring water coming down from the mountain.
• Access to them from the F1 circuit .

· Wild landscapes, native trees, of great beauty.
• Pure air, native wildlife in the wilderness and well cared. 

· Several neighborhoods of design projects throughout the area.
· Batch of great size at the location .

· Ready for posession. Papers ok.
· Taxes, plans and measurings are up to date

• There are contacts with architectural firms in San Luis (RA) for  different projects possibilities
• Construction of cottages, country houses, country hotels or boutique hotels.


· For each lot of approx. 1,450 m2:                        USD 135 per square meter.
· The block of three lots of 'approx. 4350 m2:     USD 120 per square meter.


 · 70% cash.
· Rest: 18 months against mortgage


  1. where does the wind come from?

  2. Now that you talk about San Luis I remember the time I travelled to Argentina. There are so many provinces to see there that you don´t really know where to start. I first rented one of those Argentina apartments and stayed there for 2 weeks. I couldn´t see everything because the city is very big and there are numerous attrractions. Then I went to Mendoza, Salta, Bariloche and Cordoba. The creeks there are super beautiful!
    Loved it,

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