Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recanto das Camelias. Gaucho Parque Hotel in Southern Brazil.

Located in Bom Jesus-RSin the high Sierra Gauchohospitable cityof simple habits, with a perfect climate and exuberant nature.
The Corner Hotel Camellia Park managed to combine the comfort of their facilities to the gaucho way to receive unique visitors with dedication, love and respect.

Porto Alegre - 220 km, Araranguá BR 101 SC - 136 km, Canela - 135 km, Torres BR 101 - 198 km, Cambara South - 91 km, San Joaquin / SC - 95 km, Lages / SC BR 116 - 164 km, San Francisco de Paula - 95 km

 Land Area: 44,771  - 4.47 inhab
Total building area: 2516.14 


 20 apartments with heating in the bedroom and bathroom spread over 2 floors;
Apartment for handicapped;
Suite with Jacuzzi;
Clothes in two floors with shower and laundry tub;
Capacity for 53 guests, the number may be increased;
Heating throughout the hotel;
Restaurant with capacity for 100 people to meet the perfect hotel and events;
Reception with office support, private office and library;
Manages apartment with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen on the heights of receipt;
Service Area with Internal Warehouse, bathroom / locker room male and female;
Apartment owners with 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and service area in the body of the hotel;
Space for maintenance;
Fuel boiler and diesel oil tank of 5000 liters. Space to store firewood;
Cafeteria for employees;
Equipped kitchen and pantry;
Reading room / games room with fireplace;
Laundry equipped;
Extensive green areas, forest of eucalyptus and fruit;

Football field.

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