Friday, May 14, 2010

Chateau Dem Clemenceau. Your chance to be a castle owner a month every year.

Saintes is a town in south-western France, located in the department of Charente-Maritime Poitou-Charentes
The Holy City lies on both sides of a loop of the Charente, in the center of the department of Charente-Maritime. Located in the heart of the Atlantic seaboard, the town is located 60 km southeast of La Rochelle, 33 km northeast of Royan and 100 km north of Bordeaux

A castle. A chateau. The Dem Clemenceau Chateau. Suite 9. 
80 square meters. Two levels. 2 bedrooms. 6 persons capacity. Top quality attention.  Vast variety of amenitties. 

Require a fraction of the Chateau Dem Clemenceau Suite 9. And be owner of a dream.

Picture, plans, price and conditions available right now.

Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate Partnership.
One step perfection !!!!!

Panama Blu Enterprises is partner of Inmobilia Uruguay Real Estate.

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