Sunday, May 9, 2010

Very interesting chacra (country estate) only 40 minutes from Buenos Aires

- 8 Hectares- Location and Access. 150mts from Route 6 to Cañuelas. 600 mts away from the roundabout of Route 3 and Route 6. It  is reached by Route 6
- Vegetation and Soil: abundant vegetation with trees of more than 50 years and other trees from different regions of Argentina, the soil is optimum .
- Productive aptitude: Always used for the reproduction of all types of birds (pheasant, turkeys, rheas etc)
- Climate: humid temperate, about 17 ° to 20 ° year- Perimeter Fence, pool, house, light ...  almost the entire outer perimeter of hollow brick is two meters, with a large gate with two columns. Has pool with palm trees, a shed that was made up of a pool of 25mts which became fish bowl with carpa fishes. Barbecue area with 3 grills, two clay ovens, three bathrooms. tables and space for 120 people.- There are two houses:  one main and one for the housekeepers. Electricity and gas, water tank.

- No debts.

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